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Tate & Lyle's edible house of sugar

Tate & Lyle logo
The Tate & Lyle logo in sugar

Tate & Lyle Sugars tasting
Tasting the range of Tate & Lyle Sugars

Tate & Lyle have decided that it’s time people know their sugar.
To celebrate the relaunch of their range of their sugars for baking and the Golden Syrup sugar (that’s right, sugar made from Lyle’s Golden Syrup!) they took over a town house in Soho and commissioned 14 bakers to create edible treats to fill each room.
Tate & Lyle cakes
Every room was a celebration of a particular sugar, highlighting the importance of using the right sugar for the right baking.  Tasting notes and menus and “Eat Me” signs provided helpful clues for the experience.  It was very difficult to spoil the beauty of these creations by biting into them…. But I managed!  I never thought I would get down on my knees and eat from the floor.  But when it’s a delightful chewy meringue rug, who can resist?
Tate & Lyle meringue rug
It took more than 2,000 hours to bake and another 900 to decorate every piece, using more than 600kg of sugar.  That’s a LOT of sugar.  Whilst it might all seem a little frivolous, it is fun and I think we all need more fun in our lives. 
Tonight one lucky person who tweets @welovebaking with why they want to stay in this #cakehotel will sleep overnight in this tasty house.  Perhaps there will be an undamaged cushion to bite into for a midnight snack…

Tate & Lyle #tastinghouse #cakehotelTate & Lyle turtle
Inside the real egg shells was more cake!

Tate & Lyle window and cushion
Tate & Lyle giant cake
Mardi Gras cake
Tate & Lyle South Pacific room

The head is a cake!
Tate & Lyle Cake Head Jennifer EarleTate & Lyle rose cookiesTate & Lyle edible houseTate & Lyle
Cake tower
Tate & Lyle treasure chese

Posted: 20/03/2013 13:14:48

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